Claim forms are available under the Claims and Forms section of the web site.

For Health and Dental claims please be sure to include your Green Shield ID number and the original receipts.

For Disability claim forms please include the policy #156874, your Canada Life ID number (UBCP #) as well as the employer information which is the MBT.

Health and Dental Claims: There are a few reasons why your Health or Dental claim may have been denied.
  • Your claim could be missing relevant information needed for Green Shield to properly adjudicate your claim. For example, you must include a copy of your prescription for all vision claims. If this is the case please contact the Green Shield Customer Care Centre at 1- 888-711-1119 for more information.
  • Terminated coverage. If you were suspended from UBCP as of June 1st of any year you are not eligible for coverage for that benefit year. Your coverage will also be terminated if you do not qualify for a class eligible for Health and Dental coverage. Information regarding your class level is mailed out to members each year in May.
  • The prescription you claimed was not an eligible benefit under the BC Formulary. In this case you may want to speak with your Doctor about an alternative that is covered under the BC Formulary or have your Doctor submit a Special Authority Request to Pharmacare to have the drug covered for you. If your Doctor submits a Special Authority Form a copy of the approval must be forwarded to the MBT office to be sent to Greenshield to be added to your file.
  • You have not registered for Fair Pharmacare and/or contacted Green Shield with your registration number. If this is the case please register for Fair Pharmacare by logging on to Once registered please contact Green Shield with your Registration number.
Short Term and Long Term Disability Claims: In the event that your Short Term or Long Term Disability claim has been denied please contact your Canada Life Case Manager to determine the reason. If this does not answer your question please contact the MBT office.

Please click here for an overview of how benefits may change at age 65 and 70. We also recommend contacting the MBT office for information on your coverage.

Log on to to find information on your current investments and/or to make changes to your current investments. If you do not have a log in ID and password please contact iA Financial at 1-800-567-5670

Please contact the MBT office to request a copy of your work history.

Please contact the MBT office to change your address.  You will also need to contact iA Financial at 1-800-567-5670

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