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 LifeWorks – Tackling Your To-Do List

LifeWorks – Tackling Your To-Do List

Article courtesy of LifeWorks

Does your to‐do list seem to get longer every day? Or, maybe you have several lists going at one time ‐‐ things to get done around the house, errands to run, family activities to schedule, or a long list of goals to reach at work. But does that mean that you’re getting it all done?

Whether you’re struggling to figure out where to begin, wishing you could get better organized, or feeling overwhelmed, LifeWorks can help. Contact a consultant today who can help you prioritize, develop strategies to reduce stress, and find ways to stay on top of your to‐do list.

You can also log in any time to your secure program website at www.lifeworks.com to access a wealth of articles and resources such as:

  • A NEW podcast, Tackling Your To‐Do List, in which Georgetown University computer science professor Cal Newport, author of How to Win at College and the popular Study Hacks blog, offers tips to help you prioritize and manage daily tasks effectively.
  • Articles, such as: Getting Organized, Getting Organized at Work, Monday Mornings: Getting Ready
    for the Work Week, Time Squeeze Tips, 10 Tips for Optimizing Your Day
  • CDs/audio recordings, including: Optimizing Your Day, Simplify


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