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Keep those pearly whites

100% Basic dental coverage starts at just $25,000 annual earnings.


Dental coverage includes Accident, Alternate Benefit, and Multiple Services Factors.


Alternate Benefit


Accidental Dental: Reimbursement for the services of a licensed dental practitioner for dental care when required by a direct blow to the mouth and not by an object consciously or unconsciously placed in the mouth. The accident must occur while the coverage is in force. Notify Green Shield Canada immediately following the accident. Treatment must commence within 12 months from the date of accident.

Alternate Benefit Clause: If two procedures treat the same condition, payment may be limited to the most cost effective treatment. The attending dentist and patient choose the course of treatment, but payment for the procedure may be based on the “limited treatment” principle. This clause is a financial limitation and is not intended to dissuade from the treatment recommended or performed by a dentist. Both courses of treatment considered must be an eligible benefit.

Multiple Services Factor:  This applies only when six or more restorations (fillings) are done in the same appointment. The dentist should reduce the fee for these multiple services. If they do not, GSC will reimburse the first restoration as submitted, according to the dental plan, and reduce the remaining restorations by 20%.

Claims:  Receipts can be submitted directly to Green Shield. Claim forms are available for download at on our site, or sign up for Green Shield online services at for access to personalized claim forms, benefit eligibility, direct deposit and online claim submission. Please note receipts older than 12 months from the date of service will not be accepted.

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