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 LifeWorks – Taking Care of Aging Loved Ones

LifeWorks – Taking Care of Aging Loved Ones

Article courtesy of LifeWorks

Spending quality time together. Helping to meet emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Assessing assisted living or long-term care facilities. Considering home care. Transporting to and from medical appointments. Managing dementia or chronic illness. Caring for an aging parent, grandparent, or other relative can be a rewarding and meaningful experience as you forge a deeper, more powerful bond, but it can also be demanding and challenging.

The responsibilities can be emotionally and physically draining, and even overwhelming at times, especially if you’re also juggling a career, family
and other personal commitments.

LifeWorks can help! Contact a caring, professional consultant any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for expert support and guidance towards helpful elder care resources. Or, go online to www.lifeworks.com to access educational tools that can help. (NOTE: The first time you click on a hyperlinked resource below, you will be asked to log in to the secure website using your organization’s username and password available at the bottom of this flyer.)

  • Listen to our new podcast, Finding the Courage to Face a Difficult Issue, or our multi-part
    Caregiving podcast series.
  • Read Life Articles, including: The Family Meeting, Overcoming Obstacles to a Fair Division of Caregiving Responsibilities, When a Family Member is Living with an Illness, Thinking About Having an Older Relative Move In, Helping a Relative Make the Decision to Move to Long-Term Care.
  • Listen to audio recordings/order CDs, such as: Sharing and Caring, featuring sound advice on caregiver stress from author/therapist Dr. Mary Pipher; how to find resources and support as a caregiver; juggling the many demands of caregiving, family, and work; and how to take care of yourself as you care for the people you love. EAP/EFAP access for those on the go… download our mobile app.


Call LifeWorks at 1-877-207-8833 anytime. TTY: 1-877-371-9978
Or visit www.lifeworks.com
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